100% Profit Focused PPC Management
for Google Search Ads

You need a constant flow of new leads, conversions and sales to grow to the next level.
Great, because are Google Certified experts who run, track, measure & optimise Search Ads.

Google Search Ads
PPC Management

You know the almost "never ending" effort of testing and optimising of ads. That's how you get your campaigns running like a well-oiled machine.

And that's why you need help with Google Ads. Because you don't have the time or experience to do it yourself.

Our Google Certified Ads Experts have an insane focus on profits. We know our ROI from our ROAS. We spend our days testing ad copy, sifting for winning keywords. Tweaking, perfecting. Its as much an art as dogged data-backed nerd work. We love it.

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Google Search Ads
Health Check

No business can put up with poor performing ads that eat up profits. Business growth comes down to one thing: a flow of new leads and customers. And well tuned ads account can be the difference between feast and famine.

Thats why you need someone find the weeds in your Google Ads campaigns. Its often a question of finding the leaks and correcting configurations. Of cutting losers, and maximising winners.

Our Google Certified Ads Experts will tell you whats wrong, and how to fix it. Pronto.

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Google Analytics

Data drives the world you live in. That includes your marketing and advertising. So, you need to be sure your Analytics is giving you the best data.

That means correctly tracking ads conversions and revenue. Data to optimise campaigns. Visitor behaviour for remarketing lists. Plus, you need website visitor analytics to make smart marketing decisions.

Our Google Certified Analytics experts will pore over your Analytics setup. You can expect a ton of recommendations. This is not your typical audit.

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"I highly recommend Popcorn Metrics to all online marketers."

Rosanne Hortensius, I highly recommend Popcorn Metrics to all online marketers. It is super easy to set up tracking goals and  to collect the data you want, even when t have any technical skills at all. It has helped us a lot to improve our sales funnel, UX and conversion rate for our 15 international platforms. Customer support has been fantastic too. Rosanne Hortensius

Marketing Director, https://www.saleduck.dk/

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